Learn to make lunches in style with the wonders of Bento!

Bento is a fun and rewarding Japanese tradition of creating packed lunches in style! As a perfect way to make your kids’ lunchtimes more fun and personalize their meals, Bento also offers an enjoyable way of marking important celebrations like Birthdays, Christmas, the First Day of School, or even when going on vacation.

This adorable journal helps you get started with Bento and begin creating beautiful, fun, and healthy packed lunches for yourself. Whether you need a journal to help you with lunch planning, staying on top of nutrition, or if you simply want to add your own unique and personal flair to your kids’ lunch boxes, this brilliant book lets you plan your packed lunches and record your favorite Bento combinations.

So channel your creativity and make mealtimes exciting with the wonders of Bento! Your kids will adore opening their lunchboxes every day and discovering the unique story inside.

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