Stress-Free Shopping Experience With My Babies

To be perfectly honest, I avoided going shopping with my children, especially with my two younger babies.   It took longer to get them in and out of the car, into the cart than it was to go into the store to buy the few items I needed!  How do I put two babies into a shopping cart?  Now that my youngest is one, I had to figure out how to put both babies into the cart quick! My 2-year-old can sit up front easily.  She loves it because she feels like a big girl but what about my 1-year-old? She is too big to be in a baby’s carrier yet my 2-year-old is still too young to sit in the back of the cart.  Yes, we tried this solution.  She would stand up, fall down, step on the loaf of bread and/or go through the groceries.  It was a nightmare. Shopping with my babies was so difficult that I avoided it at all cost. It was enough for me to stay home.  The reasons are obvious! I had to figure out a solution fast because we were all getting cabin fever being locked up at home.

While having cabin fever, it was a miracle that I found an awesome solution.  I found the Buggy Bench, a portable shopping cart seating for my one year old!  Buggy Bench made shopping easy and super fun for me and my two babies. The Buggy Bench unfolds, turns into a comfortable, secure and safe seating for my baby.  Wow!  This was a life saver!  Now we are enjoying a stress-free shopping experience.  Instantly while shopping, someone would stop to ask about the Buggy Bench.  Recently, a man asked if he could take a picture of my baby sitting in the Buggy Bench to text it to his wife because the Buggy Bench was their solution to seat their twins while shopping.  My baby feels like a big girl now sitting in her Buggy Bench.  I believe she also loves all the attention.

The best feature of the Buggy Bench is that it was super easy to install into the cargo area of the cart. It comes with 4 belts, one on each corner. Just unfold and attach each belt to the sides of the shopping basket and lock it!  Did I tell you it’s safe too?  Not only is the Buggy Bench comfortable, but it also has a safety belt attached.  I love the premium quality soft material and come in a variety of cute colors and prints.   It’s made for infants weighing up to 40 pounds.

The Buggy Bench is also machine washable.  How great is that?  Another amazing feature is that you can fold it and store the Buggy Bench into a diaper bag.  Honestly, with all these wonderful features and finally the stress-free of shopping with my babies, I couldn’t go shopping without my Buggy Bench! It’s a Must Have for sure!

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