About Dr. P. Shiroma

Dr. Shiroma earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is an adoption advocate and author whose compassion, extensive knowledge, and dedication have established her the reputation as a community-driven leader. When she isn’t raising awareness about adoption through writing, community outreach and/or speaking, you can find her sewing, stenciling cookies, crafting, or refurbishing furniture. She also loves spending quality time with her beautiful children, who inspire her to be the best version of herself every day.


I am the mother of four wonderful children. My husband and I were truly blessed to adopt all of our angels! I am grateful every day for their courageous, selfless birth mothers. I am Mama because of them.

Along the adoption journey, I quickly learned that “Adoption is not for the weak.” For nine long years, it felt as if I were on the fastest scariest roller coaster ride. Nevertheless, looking into my children’s beautiful faces, I would go through this whirlwind journey all over again. In some unexplained way, it was worth experiencing the emotions of hopelessness, sadness, not being in control, sometimes guilt and of course overwhelming love and happiness just to be able to hold my babies in my arms for the very first time.

Nowadays, my adoption journey is over. My family is complete! Yet, I like to share with you my newest journey … becoming an author of children’s books. Let’s take this fun and exciting ride and together we can create our own adventurous journey!

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